Never Home: All Migrants Welcome

It’s heartening to hear that in recent days there’s been an outpouring of support across Europe. Crowds in Austria, Germany and Iceland have taken to the streets to show their disgust with the detainments and to welcome more migrants.

Meanwhile, here in Canada, especially under Harper, we are continually making it harder and harder for people gain asylum, get meaningful work, and stay and become citizens. It’s not the Canada that welcomed me as a child escaping a brutal dictatorship.

I often feel helpless and don’t know how to engage in meaningful change on issues this large and global. So I’m really happy to have been asked to contribute to Never Home a multimedia project by No One is Illegal that just launched today. Never Home is full of videos and infographics documenting a decade of drastic and exclusionary immigration changes by the federal government.

My work, shown above, is on the Refugees page.