Social media security after the Cambridge Analytica scandal

April 4, 2018How Tos, Security

Ever since last month’s big story on Cambridge Analytica and Facebook our social media channels, that never really felt private or secure, have started to feel downright sinister. So what to do? If you’re like me, and not ready to miss out on clothing swap invites or distant family updates, there are some things you can … Read More vs

March 5, 2018How Tos, WordPress

If you’re new to WordPress, you may be confused between and What’s the difference? While both are on the open-source WordPress framework, is hosted by Automattic and often thought of as a “light version” of WordPress. is the “full version” – you can fully customize your site in any way you … Read More

10 Reasons to Make Your Website on WordPress

February 5, 2018How Tos, WordPress

I’ve been making websites on WordPress for about 10 years now. In that time many website platforms, like SquareSpace and Wix, have entered the market. If you’re running a non-profit on limited resources, or are starting out as an artist or business-owner, it can be overwhelming to figure out how to make your website affordably … Read More

2017 Year in Review

January 3, 2018Web Development, Year in Review

I love reading year in review posts, but have always felt squeamish about writing my own. Too personal! Too vulnerable! No one cares! F that. This is partly for me as a way to keep track of successes and good times as well as places I want to improve and grow in the new year. … Read More

Stop using that terrible password. Password managers demystified.

February 6, 2017Security

You have 3 passwords that you randomly choose between for every site you log into. You haven’t updated your passwords in over 5 years. Your password has your pet’s name or your birthday in it. Your password has been on a leaked list but you still haven’t changed it. You accidentally tweeted out your password. … Read More

Trump is coming, here’s how to encrypt everything

January 9, 2017Security

This is the first in a series of posts about online security in the new political era. Friends, this is a dark time. I don’t need to remind you what’s happening in the US on January 20th. If ever we need to take privacy and security seriously it is now. If you need more convincing … Read More

Women in Tech Panel

October 5, 2015Web Development, Workshops

I was honoured to speak on a panel of women talking about their experiences in tech at this weekend’s Hackapalooza, put on by Ladies Learning Code. Things discussed: quitting your day job, the tech industry is inspiring and ridiculous, 20 hour work days, 12 hours days learning code, imposter syndrome, the thrill of making things, … Read More

All Migrants Welcome

September 2, 2015Social Justice, Web Design

I’ve been reading a lot about the “Migrant Crisis” in Europe. Particularly about Hungary and the wall they are building to keep the thousands of migrants, many escaping from Syria, out. The wall is expected to be completed this week. This hits home for me as I am Hungarian and recently became a citizen there. I was … Read More