Drawing Change design showcased on Make Theme website

Drawing Change is a portfolio site I built for Sam Bradd, a friend of mine who is doing great work as a graphic facilitator and illustrator with non-profits and other change makers. I’ve been using the Make theme solely on my web design projects this year.

Make Theme

Make is a free drag and drop WordPress theme.

I like using a drag and drop theme as a starting base because it means I can work with smaller and mid-range clients. I love working with artists and non-profits, both of whom are usually doing great work but on a limited budget. By limiting the amount of coding needed, I can still build uniquely-designed websites in less time. Less time means less cost for my clients. It’s like a perfect middle-ground of getting a custom designed website for a mid-range price.

When I meet with new clients, I often bring up the Make Theme website to show them my starting point. Last week at a meeting I did just this – and wouldn’t you know, one of my sites was featured as an example of what you can build with the Make Theme! Sweet. Thanks Theme Foundry!

The folks behind the Make Theme are terrific and constantly updating the theme and making it easier to use. The support forum is well-staffed and my questions are always answered quickly. They have a paid  developer version that I use, which gives you faster support and they even add you to a Slack channel for Make developers so you can chat with others using the theme and request features.

If you’re looking for a good starter theme to build your next website, I suggest trying out Make.


Twitter screenshot: Sambradd "Hire @kunstudios! :)"