View from plane // first bike ride // morning light

I’ll be living in Toronto until mid-summer to take the front-end web-developer bootcamp at HackerYou. Up until a few weeks ago I didn’t even really know how a front-end developer is different from a back-end, or a web designer, for that matter. Class starts tomorrow and I’m currently sitting on the couch in my parents’ apartment in Hamilton. They are thrilled I’m back so close to home.

Moving back to Ontario (even for just a few months) after living in B.C. for 18 years has its challenges.

Standing in my empty room on my first day in Toronto, I thought “oh no, what have I done?!” I’m a creature of habit and all my systems and comforts have been stripped away. I have a bike at least, I found it on Craigslist and arranged for Sharmeen to go pick it up for me. Sharmeen’s my old friend from Victoria and we lived together 10 years ago in Vancouver. I’ve moved into her spare bedroom. I haven’t had roommates in almost a decade. I brought earplugs.

9 week bootcamp. I’m super excited slash nervous. Did they really mean it when they said don’t think about having a social life or seeing your friends, family, significant others for the next 9 weeks? At least most of my social life is back in Vancouver. We met some of the students from the last cohort on Friday. They obviously loved the program. While I was saying that I can’t wait to be where they are now – finished and full of confidence and with overflowing job offers, some of them said they wished they could do it all over again. That’s totally the kind of learning environment I’m looking for.

For now, my biggest concerns are about cycling in Toronto (and not getting hit by a car) and making sure I eat well and get enough sleep. You know, surviving a bootcamp in my mid-30s, post head injury.


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  • Awesome, Krisztina! I like your website and I am sure you’ll do great in the BootCamp!

    Good luck and keep up with the great work.

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