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Setting web accessibility standards for BC employers

The Presidents Group had a website dedicated to accessible resources for employers that they had trouble updating. The site was built for accessibility on the front end, but the back end was built unconventionally.

Every time they tried to update the site with new content, they’d run into problems that would require costly web developer support. There was also confusion between their organization The Presidents Group and the website which was called Accessible Employers.

We built them a website that’s an example of web accessibility on the front and back end, allows users to find resources easily, and clears up the confusion between their brand elements.

Project Scope

Web design, WordPress web development, accessibility testing and integration, ongoing website support and maintenance

Build Details

  • We needed to create a site that was as accessible as possible on the front and back end. We started by testing the Block Editor which failed, so we built this on the Classic Editor with only the Advanced Custom Fields that passed user tests.
  • We looped in accessibility testers and redesigned parts of the site from the feedback we got. This was a new process for us, and we learned that we needed to build in time for redesigns and more testing.
  • Sometimes the results of testing came up with conflicting messages, and we had to pick which direction to go in. For example, the green colour was found distracting by one tester while it helped others find focus on the page. We decided to keep the green, but have it take up less space. But this was a good lesson in focusing on key users needs and that accessibility is a process and not necessarily something you can get 100% in.
  • We took everything we learned in this project and now use it as a base for all builds going forward. We mostly build new sites on the Block Editor, but all navigations are now upgraded for better keyboard navigation, we understand how and when to use Aria, and have updated our website accessibility statement which is now a template we share with clients.


  • Website is a showcase of accessible design and development standards
  • Site’s backend is accessible and can be updated by current and future staff using a variety of assistive technologies including screenreaders
  • Complex information structures were organized so that resources and members are easy to find
  • Clarified brand positioning between the Presidents Group and Accessible Employers so there’s less confusion between the two entities


  • Krisztina Kun: project lead, digital strategy, website development, accessibility testing, ongoing website support
  • iilo Creative Alliance: Lisa Hemingway, creative direction, web design; Madelen Ortega, project management, content strategy; Sarita Mielke, content support;
  • Jason AuneIT and systems support, third-party integrations, accessibility testing
  • Erin Fleggwebsite development support

“I would recommend KunStudios to anyone who wants to expand their website to meet and achieve accessibility standards.”

Yat Li
Senior Accessibility Consultant, Accessible Employers
Accessible Employers homepage
Presidents Group member listing page

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