Book Publisher WordPress Website

Project size: Large
Built in 2019

The problem

Litwin Books is a California-based publisher who had three different publishing imprints and a blog – and a separate website for all of them. The hand-coded sites were difficult to update and didn’t work together in a cohesive strategy.

How we solved it with tech

My first task with this custom build was to organize all the separate data from all disparate websites into something cohesive and usable. I integrated each imprint with its own custom taxonomy that allowed us to pull content from one imprint into another’s landing page, and made the site searchable and sortable for users.

I also created custom fields for each element of information with detailed training and instructions – so multiple staff people across all of their imprints could easily enter consistent content. We also made sure to include links to Amazon to drive book sales, and finally, I styled the blog to match the look and feel of the entire web ecosystem.

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