City of Vancouver Climate Change Graphic Design

The City of Vancouver’s climate change adaptation policy states “Despite our efforts to reduce carbon pollution, we need to ensure Vancouver is prepared for the impacts of a changing global climate.”

I worked with the city’s Climate Change Planner and the department of Public Engagement to create five infographics on Vancouver’s Changing Climate (1980s–2050s), one for each topic: heat, precipitation, sea level rise, heating and cooling, and the growing season.

Strategy for Information Hierarchy

Each infographic includes a lot of details and research, so much of the project was strategizing how to deliver a lot of information in an easy-to-digest manner. We searched for local images as backgrounds and used icons to maximize space.

Each infographic was then converted to large sized posters, slides and social media shareables to be used at council meetings, for the website and to communicate widely with the public.

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