David Suzuki Foundation Website

I designed and built a microsite for the David Suzuki Foundation’s Fellowships program in 2016. David Suzuki Foundation was launching three fellowships across Canada to provide funding and support for research on climate change.

One Page Design

One of the major requirements of the project was to design a simple and easy to navigate website. Everything had to be presented in a clear and straightforward manner. I proposed we design a one page site with a large image of David Suzuki at the head – so it’s clear that the fellowships were affiliated with the David Suzuki Foundation. They filmed a video, which was used to explain the fellowships (and avoid too much text). I then collapsed the rest of the content behind accordion tabs. As the user goes deeper into the website, the information she needs will be available with each tab.

WordPress Theme Customization

To keep the project within budget, I built the website on WordPress and customized the Make theme instead of developing it from scratch.  I used the Make theme for the base structure and coded the custom designs on top.

Form Integration

The complexity of the build is in the background. Each fellowship has its own quite thorough application form. I set up each application form to automatically send email requests to each of the four references listed. The reference form then sends an email notification to the applicant once each reference submits their referral.

Duplicate Site in French

Since the Foundation is located in both English and French Canada, the entire site – including all the application forms and automatic notifications were translated and recreated for a second identical site in French.

See Work Work with Me

I was very grateful to work with Krisztina. She understood my vision, provided clear expectations and creative (and beautiful) solutions to an initially complicated website concept. Overall, I was very impressed with the final outcome of the website.

I appreciated Krisztina’s dedication and focus, and always felt confident that the job would be completed above my expectations. She was easy to get a hold of and her professional, can-do attitude made a seemingly daunting project a lot of fun!

Harpreet Johal, Senior Specialist, Fellowships
David Suzuki Foundation