Decoda Literacy Solutions Website

Project size: Large
Built in: 2020
Design and brand refresh: Lisa Hemingway, Backyard Creative

The challenge

Decoda Literacy Solutions had an old website with so much information that navigating it sometimes meant going in circles. Staff were afraid of updating parts of it and it no longer served the organization.

How we solved it

We started with internal surveys that lead to a strategy session that included the whole staff team. We established who the main users of the site were (literary practitioners in BC), and what they needed (resources). A brand refresh came out of the discovery process and we helped create a simplified site map. We created a filter for the resource section so users can drill down to find exactly what they need easily. Some other elements of the design and build include:

  • landing pages with custom fields to introduce areas of the website
  • flexible content areas so staff can choose elements they need for specific pages (like accordions and styled testimonials)
  • styled map with a cleaned up interface to find services in your area

The new website looks great and is easier to navigate and update. Do you have multiple sites or complex content problems? Let’s figure them out.

See Work Work with Me

We had a large and unwieldy website. We had some concerns about how we could take what we had and create what we needed. Krisztina and Lisa helped us define what we wanted to achieve with our new site: how we wanted it to work, how we could best manage it and how we wanted it to look and feel.

We are thrilled with what we achieved. Thank you KunStudios!

Margaret Sutherland
Executive Director, Decoda Literacy Solutions