Creative Agency Website

Project size: Medium
Built in 2019

The problem

Led by Sam Bradd, Drawing Change is a graphic facilitation agency that works with non-profits and social justice organizations all over the world. When my friend Sam started it, it was a solo venture and I built him a portfolio website using a drag-and-drop theme editor. As the years passed, the agency grew in size, scope and staff – and the site I built and needed an upgrade. The dynamic nature of Sam’s work required a site that was easy for staff to update, and easy for users to navigate.

How we solved it with tech

As a leader in the field, Drawing Change has created a lot of useful resources and content over the years – but it needed organizing.  We worked with a content strategist who organized all the content into key areas. I then built the landing pages based on the content strategy and we kept the user flow as simple as possible. To make updating the site less laborious, I build a custom theme with custom post types and a content management system that made sure new content is uniform and reused in all the right places, and images are sized correctly.

I love supporting people and projects as they grow. If you or your organization has outgrown your web presence, let’s chat.

See Work Work with Me

It was a wonderful experience working with Krisztina yet again. We relaunched my website – this time, coded from scratch! She guided the strategy, de-mystified the geek-speak, and was attentive through the whole process. Krisztina understands the social impact sector, and the teams that support it.

Sam Bradd
principal, Drawing Change