Living Wage for Families Campaign Website

Project size: Small
Built in 2017

The problem

The Living Wage for Families Campaign (LWFC) is an organization that encourages employers to pay a living wage and advocates for government policies that help families make ends meet. LWFC had important information to share with their audience but their previous website lacked focus and was hard to navigate. My goal when designing and developing campaign websites for them was to fix this problem.

How we solved it with tech

We started the project with design and content strategy, assessing the site audience and creating the sitemap based on user needs. I found a NationBuilder theme that I modified to fit the navigation structure for the site. I highlighted the three user-paths on LWFC front page, developed reusable calls to action, and styled the text for easier scanning and better search engine optimization. The resulting new website has all the in-depth information from their previous site but is easier to use, more dynamic and has a bolder and brighter look. And because of the planning that went into designing the site, I was able to reuse the NationBuilder theme for another campaign LWFC was starting to promote good jobs and fight for an increased minimum wage.

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See Work Work with Me

“I really appreciated the brainstorming session on the website planning. Designing the website for our audience seems like such a simple concept but is much harder to do in practice. The session helped to narrow down our perspective so that we could build a clean and accessible site.”

Deanna Ogle, Campaign Organizer
Living Wage for Families Campaign