Nestworks Coworking Space Website

When I moved to Vancouver in 2002, one of my first jobs was packaging orders for Lunapads, a locally-owned feminist business that makes sustainable menstrual products. I have kept in touch with Madeleine and Suzanne, the ladies at the helm, ever since. Madeleine started Lunapads and has created a number of other community enriching programs since, including GDay for Girls (which I helped make the website for).

Her newest project, which I’m very excited about, is a creating a co-working space for parents. There is a real need for solutions for child care here in Vancouver where childcare costs rival university tuition. Also, you can bring dogs to co-working spaces but not children? Okay dogs don’t generally cry but still.

Simple Website with the Ability to Grow

Nestworks needed a web presence before they had a space, so that they could generate interest and investment. Their branding was created by a volunteer and likely to change in the future. They wanted a mailing list and a survey on the site, but beyond that, everything was likely to change as the project grew. I created a simple site on a custom WordPress theme that had the structure could  be expanded as needed. As the project develops, the site will need tweaking, but they won’t need a new site for many years, as this site can be easily updated and expanded upon.

UPDATE: Nestworks rebranded and I rebuilt the site design and structure based on the new brand. Images shown here show both designs of the site with new brand first.

See Work Work with Me

Every web project that I have been part of has been delayed and gone over budget except this one.

Working with Krisztina feels very straightforward: she is transparent, frank yet flexible, supportive, and very clear about the process.

Madeleine Shaw
Founder and Chief Community Officer, Nestworks