Nestworks Coworking Space Website

Project size: Medium
Built in 2018
Design and branding: Lisa Hemingway, Backyard Creative

The problem

Nestworks is a new venture by Madeleine Shaw combining co-working and child care. As a new project, they needed a web presence before they had a space in order to generate interest and investment. Their branding was created by a volunteer and was then updated by a creative design agency. They needed a website that could be easily updated and had room to grow with them at an affordable cost.

How we solved it with tech

I created a simple site on a custom WordPress theme that had a structure that could be expanded as needed. As the project developed, the site was easy to update and build upon. When Nestworks rebranded, I redesigned the site in the new brand, but kept the site structure which saved development time and money. I incorporated a new user survey and mailing list on each page in order to capture interest in the project.

Do you have a new project that needs an affordable website that has room to grow? I’m happy to work with your growing needs.

See Work Work with Me

Every web project that I have been part of has been delayed and gone over budget except this one.

Working with Krisztina feels very straightforward: she is transparent, frank yet flexible, supportive, and very clear about the process.

Madeleine Shaw
Social Impact Entrepreneur
(Lunapads, GDay for Girls, Nestworks)