One Page Website for Small Business

When you’re just starting out, making a website can seem like an overwhelming prospect. I worked with Karen who was just starting her own architecture firm.

Drag + Drop WordPress Theme

In order to afford her new website, we chose to build it on Make, a drag and drop WordPress theme. This allowed her to spend her limited budget on branding and design. Karen wanted a site she could grow into so we decided on long one-page site that will expand to a full multi-page website when she has more portfolio pieces.

Design, Branding, Headshots

Karen already had a loose logo designed, so we consulted on colours and fonts that went with her logo. Since I have a background in photography, I spent an afternoon in her office and included headshots and photos of her work in the package.

See Work Work with Me

As the owner of a new business, I had both a limited budget and high expectations for the website. I was concerned these were going to be irreconcilable and I would end up either compromising my expectations or exceeding my budget.

I was definitely surprised how quickly Krisztina was able to deliver the final site. I found she understood the overall aesthetic and functional needs of the site very quickly and was able to propose design ideas that were very consistent with the image I wanted to project for Engage Architecture.

Karen Smith, Architect AIBC
Principal, Engage Architecture