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Know Your Rights Toolkit Design

In 2018-19, Pivot Legal Society engaged in a series of community-based workshops to gather input about what to include in this Know Your Rights toolkit. Based on our relationships with community organizations and outreach to specific groups that rely on public space, we heard regular stories about daily harassment by police officers, bylaw officers, and private security guards. This harassment then led to chronic displacement, seizure of personal belongings, and a climate of fear and distrust. This toolkit is designed for people who rely on public space, as well as the advocates and service providers who work alongside them. We recognize that people need practical tools to support them in learning about, exercising, and defending their rights. In particular, this toolkit aims to highlight relevant rights for people who are criminalized due to their reliance on public space, participation in grey economies, and substance use. This resource is not an exhaustive document. The information in this toolkit intends to provide some basic information and potential actions people can take when they are confronted by police or other authorities in public spaces.

Easy to Find Information

Pivot Legal Society approached me to design a handbook about legal rights specifically for people who rely on public space, participate in grey economies and use substances. Since the document had a lot of information in it, I prioritized laying out the information in a way that makes it easier to scan and find necessary information easily.

True to Brand

As an outside graphic designer, I made sure to make the look and feel of the report true to Pivot Legal’s brand. I based the design off the look of the website and used large images as chapter dividers throughout the toolkit.

See Work Work with Me

Krisztina has a clear understanding of social justice work and the importance of effective educational tools. Since launching the toolkit we have received excellent feedback on its accessibility and design. I would recommend Krisztina to any organization looking to elevate their resources and ensure they have the highest impact possible.

Meenakshi Mannoe, Manager of Community Education
Pivot Legal Society

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