Climate Change Podcast Website

Project size: Medium
Built in 2017
Design and branding: Jenn Christenson, Affinity Bridge

The problem

A group of friends and I started a podcast to explore issues related to climate change, and we wanted to get online fast. We needed a website that housed our episodes and enabled social discovery – so we could share our project with the world.

How we solved it with tech

Since we wanted to launch fairly quickly, I first created the site using a drag and drop WordPress theme (Make). What this saved in time and effort came with a cost: not having the control over the site that we wanted. I started over with a custom theme and a custom post-type for podcasts. Now when we release a new podcast, we can share it directly from our website. This way we have more control over our analytics and drive new listeners to other episodes and to our mailing list.

Helping artists and activists share their work with the world is my passion and my specialty. If you need some help, reach out.

See Work Work with Me

Krisztina not only designed and built a beautiful website (with little time or resources) she also offered critical strategic questions around audiences, tone, long-term objectives and our overall approach.

It’s rare to find someone with the combination of skills to not just create a strong product but to also help ensure the thinking that goes into it is sound, smart and aligned.

Olive Dempsey
Co-producer and host at