WordPress Development for Indigenous Nation

Project size: Large
Built in 2018
Web design and project management: Castlemain

Last year, I started working as a contractor with Castlemain, an agency that works with Indigenous groups across Canada. I worked with them as the sole developer on this website for Lake Babine Nation.

Custom post types for better organization

This was a large build with many custom post types for different areas of the website. Custom post types were pulled into landing pages to help organize the content both for the user as well as the staff updating the site. Landing pages include: About us, Programs and Services, Communities as well as Events and News rolls.

Secondary navigation to help with flow

Secondary navigation was build into some landing pages to further organize and separate content. These include the About section and Programs and Services.

Google Maps, events, and other extras

Third-party integrations include Google maps on the community pages, Facebook updates on the home page and a separate landing page that shows events and news items.


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