WordPress Development for Indigenous Nation

Project size: Large
Built in 2018

Web design and project management: Castlemain

The problem

I was contracted by Castlemain, an agency that works with Indigenous groups across Canada, to be the sole developer on a website for Lake Babine Nation. This new site was going to be large as Lake Babine Nation had new and important information to share with its members and the broader community. So I needed to make it simple to update and easy to navigate.

How we solved it with tech

I needed to organize the content in a way that served the user as well as the staff updating the site. I did this by creating many custom post types for different areas of the large website. I constructed a variety of landing pages to streamline the user flow, with secondary navigation built into some of them to further organize and separate content. I also integrated third-party applications like Google Maps, Facebook, events and news to complete the user experience.

If you are a group that is looking for a developer for an important website, let’s chat.

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