Are you looking for support for your current website or would you like to build a new one?

New website builds

Building a new website is a daunting task, especially if you’re a well-established organization with a lot of resources on your current site and staff who are already working at capacity. I get it, I used to be that staff person in a non-profit wishing our website was better but not knowing how to get there or if I’d have time to support the process.

Over the years of working with organizations, I’ve refined a process that helps lead you through the experience, teaching you technology and accessibility best practices and allowing you to change your mind on decisions along the way.

I work with a great team of experts and we are keen to make the process as smooth as possible, refining after each launch and updating best practices along the way.

We excel at strategically mapping out complex sites and creating simple, bold and compelling designs that meet WCAG 2.2 accessibility targets. We love working with groups who have already undergone some strategic planning and know the goals they are working towards.

What does a website rebuild entail?

For most website builds, I’ll assemble a team of professionals and we’ll work together to lead you through these stages:

Discovery & strategy

The discovery and strategy phase incorporates all key members of our team to look at your project and problem solve all areas going forward. This stage is where we’ll make most of the decisions that will guide the rest of the project.

Deliverables include: a detailed workback schedule, a sitemap, a creative brief, and a technical document.

Content strategy (optional)

In this phase, we’ll take the sitemap and page templates from the discovery phase and drill down to establish the components on each page. We’ll put together wireframes that will be the basis of the designs.

We’ll also provide you with a content style guide and resources to establish the accessibility and search engine optimization (SEO) requirements of the content before you dive deep into writing and editing.

Web design

For the design phase, we’ll first create a couple of key designs to confirm alignment with your vision and once those are approved, we’ll design the inner elements of the site. We work collaboratively throughout the process to ensure problems are solved from both the design and technical points of view.

Web development

We build websites with a baseline of WCAG 2.2 AA accessibility standards.

We’ll build all page templates and components agreed upon in the discovery and design phases.

The site will be responsive with all elements visible and working on mobile, tablet, laptops and desktop computers.

We’ll install and configure best-practice plugins that take care of security, analytics, antispam, search engine optimization, caching, web forms and mailing configurations.

We run our code through validators to test and fix any errors in the languages we use (HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP).

We’ll also run automated accessibility tests and ensure the site is between 95-100% on all pages for accessibility in Lighthouse testing.

We’ll integrate your mailing list, social media accounts and any other third-party software that’s needed.

Content migration & support

We’ll upload about 15% of your content and help you upload the rest. 

Support includes: website documentation; training videos; systems to track content needs, broken links and redirects; image sizing templates and weekly check ins.

Public launch

Once you’re happy with the site, we’ll do another round of quality assurance and testing on all major browsers and mobile.

We then get the server ready for launch — we’ll set up your security certificates, back up the staging site, input all 301 redirects and launch publicly once you give us the go-ahead.

We’re in touch following the launch to help with any issues that might come up, and we service the website for a month post-launch.

How much will this cost?

Good question. While each project is unique, builds do generally fall into these approximate categories:

Large website builds $30K+
  • For complex websites with a lot of content or third-party integrations
  • Several facilitated discovery sessions as needed, and detailed content strategy
  • Design mockups of several web pages
  • Complex WordPress build with multiple page types, landing pages and secondary navigation
  • Uploading of most website content
  • Best practice documentation, training materials and in-person training for project leads and staff members
Medium website builds $15-30K
  • For sites that need to grow and scale with your organization
  • One facilitated discovery session and high-level content strategy
  • Design mockups of some web pages
  • Custom WordPress build with landing pages and more extensive content setup and functionality
  • Uploading of some website content
  • Best practice documentation, training materials and in-person training for project leads
Small website builds $7-15K
  • For tighter budgets and timelines
  • Research and discovery via surveys
  • Simple design, a style tile, and mockups of a few key pages, or working with existing client designs
  • Streamlined web development with appropriate technology and functionality
  • Training for client to upload website content
  • Best practice documentation and training materials
Mini/brochure website builds $3-7K
  • For artists and solopreneurs who just need a simple web-presence
  • Base WordPress block theme installed and configured with best-practices, with five pages and one blog
  • Research and discovery via email surveys
  • Support with colours and fonts but no branding
  • Website training via recorded videos

“I was surprised with how much work is involved in designing and building a website! I was pleased that the flow and timeline of this work was clearly communicated.

I would absolutely recommend KunStudios! Krisztina is a talented and communicative professional with a helpful network of peers and the ability to take on projects large and small.”

Ben Ernst
co-owner, Earnest Ice Cream

Website support services

Monthly maintenance packages

WordPress websites need regular upkeep to make sure they stay up-to-date with current technologies and security protocols. I offer ongoing support to every website I build on a monthly basis. If you are not a current client and are looking for website maintenance, please email me to discuss your options.

Regular Monthly Maintenance Package $125/Month*

The regular maintenance package services your site daily and as updates are available.

This package is suitable for most websites.

  • daily site backups
  • regular WP and plugin updates with automatic rollback (if any issues)
  • daily security and uptime monitoring
  • daily performance checks
  • monthly report
  • billed bi-annually

*Most popular and best fit for most websites

Premium Monthly Maintenance Package $225/Month

The premium maintenance package services your site daily and as updates are available.

All updates are manually tested to ensure complex setups run smoothly. This package best suits sites requiring staging and production testing or e-commerce and other third-party integrations.

  • everything offered in the regular package and
  • broken link monitoring
  • update and monitoring of third-party integrations
  • duplicate work on staging and production sites
Mini Monthly Maintenance Package $75/Month

The mini maintenance package services your site once a month.

This package is for simple brochure sites with very infrequent content updates, few plugins and no third-party integrations.

  • monthly site backups
  • monthly WP and plugin updates
  • monthly report
  • billed annually

Only available for websites built by KunStudios

Terms and conditions
  • Half an hour of troubleshooting (post-updates) is included each month and if problems persist we can roll back the update or bill hourly to continue troubleshooting.
  • If your website was not built by KunStudios, we will attempt to troubleshoot any plugin errors resulting from updates, but you may need to contact the original developer if problems persist as code is always evolving and your theme may need updating.
  • Backups are via our dashboard, ManageWP, and require a connection to the WordPress website to work. If there are issues with your hosting company or domain we may require extra time (at our hourly rate) to troubleshoot.

Hourly service retainers

Websites will sometimes need updates and troubleshooting outside of regular maintenance. For this type of work, I offer service retainers with hours billed up-front. If you’re on a service retainer, I’m available to help with all of your technical website needs within regular business hours, usually within 2 business days of request.

Emergency website and technical support

If you are a current client and need immediate website support, I’m available after hours via text. Emergency rates may apply.

“I was very grateful to work with Krisztina. She understood my vision, provided clear expectations and creative (and beautiful) solutions to an initially complicated website concept. Overall, I was very impressed with the final outcome of the website.

I appreciated Krisztina’s dedication and focus, and always felt confident that the job would be completed above my expectations. She was easy to get a hold of and her professional, can-do attitude made a seemingly daunting project a lot of fun!”

Harpreet Johal
Senior Public Engagement Specialist, David Suzuki Foundation