Hi, I’m Krisztina Kun.

I’m a web developer and strategist with a background in social justice organizing. I approach website builds from a strategic planning lens and prioritize usability and accessibility for all users. I don’t just push code.

I think process is just as important as the final product. I lead organizations through the build process with efficiency and empathy, explain technical information plainly, and collaborate with other experts to provide an agency experience.

Are you working towards a more just and sustainable world? I’d love to help make your next website or improve your existing one.

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I would recommend KunStudios to anyone who wants to expand their website to meet and achieve accessibility standards.

Yat Li
Senior Accessibility Consultant, Accessible Employers Opens in new window

The Challenge

The Presidents Group had a website dedicated to accessible resources for employers that they had trouble updating. The site was built for accessibility on the front end, but the back-end was built unconventionally.

Every time they tried to update the site with new content, they’d run into problems that would require costly web developer support. There was also confusion between their organization The Presidents Group and the website which was called Accessible Employers.

They wanted their new website to be an example of web accessibility on the front and back end, allow users to find resources easily, and clear up confusion between their brand elements.

Project Scope

WordPress website design and build, accessibility testing and integration, ongoing website support


  • Website is a showcase of accessible design and development standards
  • Site’s backend is accessible and can be updated by current and future staff using a variety of assistive technologies including screenreaders
  • Complex information structures were organized so that resources and members are easy to find
  • Clarified brand positioning between the Presidents Group and Accessible Employers so there’s less confusion between the two entities


Krisztina Kun: project lead, digital strategy, website development, accessibility testing, ongoing website maintenance

Lisa Hemingway Opens in new window: creative direction, brand refresh, web design

Madelen Ortega Opens in new window: project management, content strategy

Jason Aune Opens in new window: tech support, third-party integrations, accessibility testing

Erin Flegg Opens in new window: website development support


You didn’t just give us a website, you gave us a tool for conservation.

Dr. Amanda Vincent
Director and Co-Founder, Project Seahorse Opens in new window

Project Scope

WordPress website design and build, content strategy, ongoing website support


  • Client uses website daily to direct users to their extensive research
  • Refined illustration clearly explains client’s work in ocean conservation
  • Users can find all site pages and subpages easily, without any content getting buried
  • Site provides a professional web presence, building trust with global partners


Krisztina Kun: digital strategy, website development, ongoing website support

Lisa Hemingway Opens in new window: project lead, creative direction, web design

Madelen Ortega Opens in new window: project management

Erin Flegg Opens in new window: website development support

Trina M’Lot Opens in new window: illustration


We had a large and unwieldy website and had concerns about how we could take what we had and create what we needed. Krisztina and Lisa helped us define what we wanted to achieve with our new site: how it would work, look and feel, and how we could best manage it. We are thrilled with what we achieved. Thank you KunStudios!

Margaret Sutherland
Executive Director, Decoda Literacy Solutions Opens in new window

The Challenge

Decoda Literacy Solutions had a website that had organically grown over the years, leading to parts of the content and technology to be cobbled onto the original designs. The site had grown into a complex house of cards that staff were reluctant to touch and users had trouble navigating.

There was also some confusion between the organization and their foundation. Brand elements could use a refresh. Decoda wanted a bold new design that was easy for staff and users to use with a refreshed and polished look.

Project Scope

Brand refresh, WordPress website design and build


  • Users can navigate the site and do targeted information searches easily
  • Simplified website’s complex structure and functionality without cutting much content
  • Updated brand looks modern and clearly defines organization and foundation
  • Staff can update the website with ease and confidence


Krisztina Kun: project lead, project management, content strategy, digital strategy, website development

Lisa Hemingway Opens in new window: creative direction, brand refresh, web design

Alex Ghattas Opens in new window: website development support

Daniel Chai Opens in new window: content support

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Krisztina has a clear understanding of social justice work. Since launching the toolkit, we have received excellent feedback on its accessibility and design. I would recommend Krisztina to any organization looking to elevate their resources and ensure they have the highest impact possible.

Meenakshi Mannoe
Manager of Community Education, Pivot Legal Society

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