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Advancing gender justice in BC

West Coast LEAF is a venerated feminist legal organization with decades of well-used, unique resources on its website. The site was built years ago on the classic WordPress editor, which didn’t allow the staff the creative control they wanted when adding new material. It was time for a refresh.

We led an inclusive process that allowed members of the organization to share diverse opinions and change their minds as they had more information throughout the build process. This led to a finished product that represented the needs of many staff and users.

Project Scope

Content strategy, writing and editing, web design, WordPress web development, full content migration, training, ongoing website support and maintenance

Build Details

  • The moving gradient on every page was a key element of the design that we really loved – there were concerns about it feeling like “too much” for some users. We came to a happy compromise by adding the on/off button which turns the movement off for the whole site when toggled.
  • This was the first time we truly used the Block Editor for a large build – it took some getting used to especially moving some of the design from out of the code and into the hands of the client, which was a learning curve for everyone. Ultimately it’s given the staff much more creative control of the site while keeping it within the confines of the approved design, so it was worth the effort.


  • Led an inclusive and flexible process which allowed for organizational consensus on decisions throughout
  • Built on the latest WordPress technology using blocks that allow staff members much more creative control while staying within the design system parameters
  • Helped organize many years of research to allow users to find specific cases and documents easily
  • Prioritized accessibility while pushing the design to be bold and modern


  • Krisztina Kun: project lead, digital strategy, content strategy, website development, content-migration strategy and management, ongoing website support
  • iilo Creative Alliance: Lisa Hemingway, creative direction, web design; Madelen Ortega, project management; Lisa Manfield, writing; Cate Arnold, content migration
  • Jason Aunethird-party integrations, IT and systems support

“I was incredibly pleased with the level of communication and support offered by Krisztina and her team. Her responsiveness, patience, and thoroughness made the process enjoyable and resulted in a beautiful website!

Working with Krisztina allowed for a flexible and collaborative redesign that prioritized accessibility, functionality, and bold design.

Krisztina is incredibly knowledgeable, creative, and compassionate, with a talent for navigating complex rebuilds with dedication and humour. Highly recommend!”

Kait Woodman
Manager of Communications, West Coast LEAF
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