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Decoda Literacy Solutions had a website that had grown organically over the years, leading to parts of the content and technology to be cobbled onto the original designs. The site had grown into a complex house of cards that staff were reluctant to touch and users had trouble navigating. There was also some confusion between the organization and their foundation.

We built Decoda a bold new website that was easy for staff and users to use with a refreshed and polished look.

Project scope

Brand refresh, website design, WordPress web development, ongoing website support and maintenance

Build Details

  • This was the first large website with complex content that I led strategy and development on. We learned a lot about process and specifically how to support clients during the content migration phase. We’ve now built in more organizational support to start the process and have spreadsheets that lead clients through our process.
  • Building out the filters on the resources section to be additive helped organize the amount of resources there were.


  • Users can navigate the site and do targeted information searches easily
  • Simplified website’s complex structure and functionality without cutting much content
  • Updated brand looks modern and clearly defines organization and foundation
  • Staff can update the website with ease and confidence


“We had a large and unwieldy website. We had some concerns about how we could take what we had and create what we needed.

Krisztina and Lisa helped us define what we wanted to achieve with our new site: how we wanted it to work, how we could best manage it and how we wanted it to look and feel.

We are thrilled with what we achieved. Thank you KunStudios!”

Margaret Sutherland
Executive Director (retired), Decoda Literacy Solutions
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